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Rare RP and QBCore

Rare RP has now made the switch to QBCore Framework. We used to use ESX Legacy for a short time but5 decided to switch to QBCore due to ESX Legacy having compatibility problems with older scripts that used essentialmode that is no longer present in ESX Legacy and there was very few newer script for ESX Legacy because some developers do not like working with it but you can find script out there on the internet free and paid and will work. So that’s the main reason we made the switch to QBCore. QBCore is free of charge to download and use. They have a Discord Server you can join where you speak with others or the developers will help you. The scripts and main qb-core files are updated every day and there is a release channel where a community of developers shares their work for free. Some of the older ESX scripts like the tattoo shop and mining job have been converted and work perfectly. We have some of them on our server they are all open source and updated regularly.  

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