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Rare RP server is out of beta

You will all be happy to know that after a lot of help and testing all our scripts with bugs and errors have been fixed and the server is no longer in beta. Everything is fully working as it should but the occoasional script handshakes might not happen and you might see an error in the Fivem F8 console. It is nothing to worry about if you see something about the default menu and an arithmetic value error or nil. We do not always get errors on the main console so will not be aware of the probem. If you are trying to do something you cannot do then an error will appear because your trying to perform an action or function without a value so if a value should be 1 and you do not enter 1 it read as nill and returns a nill error value. Unless there is a mistyped part of the script for example { x = 2123 0 instaind of {x = 2123.0. Another example is below the first line of each as a mistake but can you spot the parse errors in examples one and two.

Example one are coordinates.

Cloakrooms = {            vector3(461.34, -998.99 30.69)},

Cloakrooms = {            vector3((461.34, -998.99, 30.69)},

Example two are coordinates.

Cloakrooms = {            vector3(461.34, -998.99, 30.69)}

Cloakrooms = {            vector3(461.34, –998.99, 30.69)},