Welcome to Rarerp.com.
Adrian McMaster is the main developer of the server and has worked hard to get the server to where it is now just like North Staff AMG RP.  Gavin Gardiner and Adrian McMaster are both the owners and have spent a lot of time and money creating the server for you so you can enjoy your roleplay with others or your friends.
The server runs on a dedicated server using  Windows Server 2019 operating system and is updated regularly by Adrian McMaster. We have a test server that Adrian will test any scripts or maps to make sure they are fully compatible with our ESX framework.
The Framework is ESX 1.3.0 Legacy Final. Scripts made for ESX 1.2.0 final and ESX 1.2.0 Legacy are compatible but anything created for ESX 1.0.0 or 1.1.0 will not be compatible due to the nature of how they use the main es_extended core for example ESX 1.1 uses essentialmode but with ESX Legacy essentialmode is not used and only es_extended is used so there will be a problem with older scripts trying to get a response from essentialmode for callbacks and functions.  They will just throw errors on the console.  Most standalone scripts will work but some might not work the way they should.  All custom vehicles and maps work without any problems.  We use the latest 2372 build that FiveM recommends.  So if you are looking to join a new server then why not give Rare RP a try on FiveM at Rare RP because you do not know what you might be missing.  
What We Offer:
We have everything in the city from Police Jobs to Gangs.  There are a lot of maps and custom vehicles. We have a Donor Shop for patrons only.  There is a Main vehicle dealer and a Sports car dealer. If you want a motorbike then there is a Bike Dealer for that as well.  There is a new mechanic’s Building and a doctor standing and waiting inside the pillbox hospital.  Paramedics have helicopters as well as police and more. Police have custom cars and are all tweaked to outrun the criminal’s cars and will do 200 plus mph to catch them.  We have a good drug script for gangs to have influence over one another but the police can have influence over those areas. We have a good housing script that runs all over the city as well as an improved garage parking script.  We have a very good anti-cheat to combat those annoying cheat engines and we know it works because it’s been tested and will ban offenders. If you are interested in joining our Rare RP city you must be 16 years of age or older and 18 to do one of our staff roles like admin or moderator.  We at Rare RP are a very friendly welcoming community. We will take action against anyone breaking any rules but we are not too strict we are relaxed on some rules like roleplay and how you do your roleplay but all we ask is just do your roleplay as best you can and if you need to speak out of character find somewhere quiet so as other will not get to upset and start complaining.  We Know you might slip up now and again and for what you are doing or what to say like asking what key is it for that instead of what muscle do I use. Now you might have heard about the Chief of police in the Rare RP city with a name like Jim Dempsey he is a person not to be messed about with and anyone found breaking the law will find him on your back and he will not stop until he has you by your collar and thrown in the police cells and then sent to prison to do your time. So remember if you cannot do the time do not do the crime. He is a friendly police officer to get on with and will do his rounds and will help anyone in trouble. We have three police stations called Mission Row, Sandy Shores PD, and Paleto Bay PD all active and in use. If you are not sure about something just ask a staff member on our discord at Discord/RareRP and they will be more than happy to help you. We have an advanced garage parking system with a person standing at the kiosks. All you have to do is drive up to them and a menu will open you click park and your car is parked in a parking space and is locked. You will be charged by the hour.  Some charge $4 and some charge $3 the main city ones charge $5 per hour. The get your vehicle back just go up to the person and open the menu and click pay the go to your car and driver away. Remember to park your car before leaving the city or it will end up in the inbound and you will have to pay $550 to get it back.  Fees are high because making money can be easy if you know where to look. We have this in place to make the criminals pay and make things a little harder for them to buy big sports cars. There is more in the city and you just have to join to find out.
If you are a developer and can spare a little time to help us then join our Discord Server because Adrian needs a little help now and again with some of the more complex LUA code. We are also looking for custom vehicle creators and custom script creators. If interested join our discord server at Discord/Rare RP.